Best Motorcycle Boots for Women | 15 Top Picks For Biker Girls (2023)

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A modern biker girl requires an aesthetically pleasing boot that offers comfort and safety at the same time. They should be stylish and attractive to further enhance her femininity. Moreover, the boot should allow her to practice her favorite stunt, embark on a multi-day tour, and more importantly provide a pleasant feeling while walking around. These boots should have a good arch support, protect the instep and toes from possible injuries, as well as assist the rider in maintaining a proper posture during the journey. Apart from all these qualities, it should look feminine!

Lately, we have seen a huge demand in this segment. Manufacturers are aware as well, and they are keeping no stone unturned to fulfil this requirement. However, finding the right motorcycle boot is easier said than done. If you are a novice, we recommend you to go through the basics of motorcycle boots before you consider buying one.

In today’s article we will showcase some of the best motorcycle boots for women, handpicked after analyzing and testing them ourselves. Let’s take a look.

15 Best Motorcycle Boots for Women

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O’NEAL Women’s Riding Boot

O’Neal’s riding boots are specially designed for professional women riders to offer enhanced protection near the joints. It gives an incredible support and comfort without neglecting the aesthetics. These boots offer complete ankle support to protect the rider in case of an accident along with protectors on the instep and toes.

O’Neal have an injection molded plastic shield added on the shin, a metal toe guard at the front for protection against rocks or gravels, and an adjustable closure system for a snug fit. Moreover, they wrap around your leg perfectly to provide a great comfort and posture while riding as well as walking.

In order to cater every women biker, the boot size starts from US 5 and goes up to US 12. Priced around $120, you can buy these from your nearest specialized motorcycle stores, or from any ecommerce websites like RevZilla or Amazon.

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Dainese Energyca Air Women's Shoes

The new generation motorcycle boots from Dainese offers a great deal of improvements from its predecessors. Energyca Air boots are designed especially for younger generation who are looking for a stylish sports boot.

Designed using high-quality cowhide leather, these boots have a reinforced TPU heel structure that runs along the sides of the foot for an added protection. You also get a lace retention system to avoid them getting caught in the chain, and an armored ankle protection that makes the overall boot stiff yet comfortable from the inside.

Energyca Air has an efficient ventilation system that makes it breathable during soaring temperatures. Gear shifting and braking is effortless and comfortable due to their light weight.

The price starts from $199 and the sizes vary from US 4.5 to US 9. However, these shoes are not waterproof, so in case you are looking for an all-weather boot, keep reading below for more options.

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TCX Sport Women's Boots

TCX offers an absolutely staggering sports boot particularly for spring, autumn and summers. (If you are looking for a waterproof option, you can check TCX’s Rush Waterproof Boots). These women boots are an ideal choice for the modern woman, who does not want to sacrifice her style and comfort while riding her motorcycle. One particular thing that is noteworthy in these boots is the wider toe room that allows a comfortable journey. So, if you are looking for boots that are slightly broad to allow some movement of your fingers, go for it.

Its features include; ankle reinforcement for protection against impacts and lateral movements, shielding against possible blows around the toes, and a snug fit to ensure complete protection.

You also get elastic nylon lace and a Velcro that retains the laces together. The laces are rounded that prevents them from getting tangled in the motorcycle mechanism. The breathable inner mesh ensures that your feet are comfortable in peak weather and the sole is flexible around the toes which ensure a very comfortable walk. You can buy these boots for just $120, and the sizes vary from US 4 to US 9.

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TCX Blend WP Women's Boots

TCX Blend WP Women’s Boots are all-season (waterproof) boots designed to give a slightly vintage or a classic look. It is made from high grade leather to give a retro biker image.

So if you are a fan of Doc Martens, these boots will give you a similar look and feel, but with an extra reinforcement around the heels and ankles. Moreover, the high heels add an extra inch to your height in case you face some difficulty while touching the ground with your feet.

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Coming to the features; the bottom of the boots have a reinforced steel shank to provide extra rigidity, additionally, the boot is CE certified which ensures its safety all the more. The area around the toes is reinforced to protect against frontal impacts and to assist in gear changes (comes with shifter pad). To give the boot some extra durability, all the joints are double stitched. This increases their life span and gives them an elegant look.

Currently priced around $200, you can find these boots in sizes ranging from US 5 to US 9.

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Dainese Nexus 2 D-WP Boots

Nexus from Dainese is currently the best motorcycle boot for women when compared its price to performance ratio. Its previous model was positioned as a sole track boot, however, by eliminating unwanted features, the all new Nexus can now be utilized as a sport, sport tourer, as well as adventure sports boot!

The boot is designed in Italy, which makes it ideal for women with narrow feet (you can consider TCX if you are looking for a broader boot). It offers an adjustable Velcro wings at the top to modify as per your calf size, the D-axial system guards your leg against strong bents, a massive panel of thermoplastic to guard the shin, and an ultra-light weight bottom to make your ride comfortable.

The pricing of the boots is slightly higher due to their uniqueness, comfort ability, and safety features. Currently priced around $339, the sizes vary from US 7 to US 11.

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Dainese Torque 3 Out Women's Boots

Speaking of a dual purpose boot (track and street), the Torque 3 Out women’s boots comes with plenty of ventilation, safety, and protective features. The upper material of the boot is made from microfibers that make it ultra-light yet very robust. Thanks to the D-stone, they are super resistant to any kind of abrasion or assault.

The bottom is carved out of magnesium to give it a strong support in case the motorcycle falls on your legs. However, the inner sole is made of rubber that makes you extra comfortable while walking around.

Other features include; nylon reinforcement around the toes and heels, reinforced shins, protective inserts, and flexibility to ride on a multi-day tour. In terms of look, you get two color options; Black/White/Fluo Red and Black/Anthracite.

All in all Torque 3 Out is quite robust, practical, and very comfortable. Priced around $420, the size varies from US 5 to US 9.

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Alpinestars Stella Tech 3

The Alpinestars Stella Tech 3 is one of the most feminine designed motocross and enduro boots you will find in the market. Compared to the previous version of Stella, the recent model comes with a lot of refinements and upgrades. If you are a beginner or an intermediate rider, these boots should definitely be worth your consideration.

Overall height of the boot is around 13 inches that covers your entire shin and calf. It comes equipped with an innovative buckle closure that is made of metal and plastic for enhanced durability. Moreover, these buckles are designed keeping in mind that riders might adjust their boots with their gloves on. It also offers reinforced protectors on the ankles to restrict any movement that could compromise their integrity. Additionally, a reinforced shin protector, and a specialized toe and instep protector ensures that no bump or fall can injure your foot.

Its design is perhaps the most novel and unique among all motorcycle boots and is currently being offered in a combination of white-black and pink-black color. The weight of the boot is light and has a comparatively narrow toe to accommodate your leg. Priced at around $200, you can find these in sizes ranging from US 6 to US 9.

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TCX Street 3 WP Women's Shoes

The Street 3 Waterproof women’s riding shoes continues the legacy of TCX to provide comfort as well as safety in the urban environment. It is especially made for someone who is looking for a sneaker styled shoe that goes pretty well with their jeans. This makes this shoe dual purpose; it can be used for riding on the street and as a casual wear. Yes that’s true, the comfort and styling is designed to give them an urban look, and the essential safety measures are still not ignored.

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This waterproof motorcycle shoe has a slightly raised heel, to give you an extra 1 inch. It has a D30 reinforced insert around the ankle, ZPLATE shank, and an OrthoLite footbed for extra cushioning on the sole.

Priced at around $170, you can find these in sizes ranging from US 4 to US 10.

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SIDI Vertigo 2 Lei Women's Boots

A renowned European company specializing in making hard core sports riding boots, SIDI, has come up with yet another masterpiece for intermediate and professional bikers. Unlike Vertigo 1, which was a huge hit among riders, but lacked some features, the Vertigo 2 stands over the shoulder of its predecessor in terms of features and performance. Yet the price remains unchanged!

There are reflective tapes, a more streamlined body, and a patented Techno VR adjustable calf system. Furthermore, you get a reinforced ankle brace which restricts lateral movement and ankle joints to offer more stability. The boots are breathable, thanks to the air ventilation system, as well as water resistant.

The most amazing thing about this boot is the replaceable external chassis (the part above the sole and heel). So after a couple of years, you can replace the consumables to make your shoe brand new again. Priced around $320, you can find these in sizes ranging from US 5 to US 10.

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Alpinestars SMX S Boots

Alpinestars, renowned worldwide for their robust motorcycle gears, have come up with yet another wonder; SMX S motorcycle boots. These professional boots, ideal for entry level bikers, will delight you in several aspects.

First of all, their look, in black or white, is aesthetically pleasing and marked with characteristics of elegance. It has a microfiber outer shell that guarantees comfort and flexibility of the boot despite its firm appearance. The highly breathable lining ensures comfort for the rider even on the hottest day of the season.

Talking about the safety, SMX S is reinforced around the ankles to restrict any lateral movement in case of fall, and robust protectors around the shins and the toes to ensure complete safety.

In addition, you get a side zipper and a Velcro to enhance the fitting and ease of use. Although, the SMX S is not specifically made for women, however, if you prefer a broad shoe, this boot should definitely be worth your consideration.

Priced at just $220, this CE level 2 motorcycle boot can be purchased in sizes ranging from US 5 to US 13.

Best Motorcycle Boots for Women | 15 Top Picks For Biker Girls (19)

Forma Freccia Boots

The Italian brand Forma has set a benchmark in the field of motorcycle boots. Yet again they have come up with a boot that has an excellent price-performance ratio.

With this pair of racing boots, Forma emphasizes on safety and comfort of women riders. The outer cover is made of microfiber, allowing breathability, flexibility and resistance against any kind of abrasion. Thanks to the reinforcement around the ankle, shin, and toes, the boot guarantees maximum protection of your feet.

The anti-bacterial air mesh lining and the side vents (APS air circulation system) ensures that your feet do not perspire. This further reduces any kind of smell that usually gets contained on your feet once you remove the boot. For a comfortable and snug fit, you also get a zip and Velcro closure.

Priced at $229, Freccia has a long list of available sizes ranging from US 4 to US 14, ensuring that it accommodates every type of biker girl.

Best Motorcycle Boots for Women | 15 Top Picks For Biker Girls (20)

Oxford Valkyrie Women's Boots

Among the best-selling heeled riding boots, the Oxford Valkyrie stands out. Inspired by the legendary Valkyries, these boots are made from high quality leather and are designed to give an urban look, yet with all the standard safety features of a motorcycle boot.

They offer the right protection and comfort during the ride. Some of the features include; waterproof liners, adjustable calves, and reinforced shank and ankles.

Currently the Valkyrie comes in sizes ranging from US 5 to US 9. It is recommend that you buy one size larger than what you normally wear, as they fit quite snuggly around the sole. For ease in wearing, a zipper is provided that runs along the entire leg, while a Velcro closure allows the upper part to snug around the calf.

Priced at around $125, you can consider these if you prefer an urban design over the standard look of a motorcycle boot.

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Daytona Road Star GTX

If you ask among a group of motorcyclists about the best motorcycle boots at the moment, many will agree that the Daytona Road Star GTX is the best of all motorcycle boots money can buy. Tagged as a premium motorcycle boot, the GTX is made of high-quality cowhide and equipped with the moisture-resistant yet breathable Gore-Tex membrane.

This is a motorcycle boot that you will enjoy for many riding years without any issues. Some of the features include; toe slider, gear shift assist, foam padding, ankle reinforcement, front clipping, steel inlay, two zip fasteners, 3M-Scotchlite heel reflectors, wide shinbone padding, and water proof membrane.

Currently available in sizes ranging from US 7 to US 14, this motorcycle boot has a price tag of around $450. But don’t let that put you off; it’s an investment that will be more than worth your money in the long run.

Best Motorcycle Boots for Women | 15 Top Picks For Biker Girls (22)

Forma Terrain TX Boots

For motocross lovers, Forma Terrain TX is a great choice. These shoes are not only extra durable and safe, but also comfortable and very light weight.

If you like to ride off-road, you should definitely consider these dirt boots. The Terrain TX model guarantees top protection and safety at the same time. The biggest advantage of Terrain TX is the flex control system (FCS); an articulated protection system that prevents the ankle from bending into unnatural positions.

Some of the features include; plastic protectors and nylon reinforcements, which ensure maximum protection in the event of a fall or impact, replaceable steel reinforcements around the toes, and double fastening system (Velcro with 4 buckles).

For enhanced comfort, the shoe is equipped with an anti-shock sole. Added to this are thermal protectors and replaceable antibacterial insole. Thanks to the modern ventilation system, an excellent breathability is guaranteed.

Priced around $280, Forma Terrain TX comes with a CE certification in motocross category. They are an ideal motocross shoe for women that offer a unique combination of design, protection, and comfort. You can find them in sizes ranging from US 6 to US 15.

Best Motorcycle Boots for Women | 15 Top Picks For Biker Girls (23)

Dainese Aurora D-WP Women's Boots

Coming to the last pair of motorcycle boots, we have yet another model from Dainese for riders who need to travel all through the year.

The Aurora D-WP boots are high riding boots for women designed to cover entire calves and shins. The boot excels especially in its protection and safety standards because of its TPU protectors, sliders around the heels and toes, and a firm fastener with a combination of zipper and Velcro.

For added protection, the boots are equipped with rubber outsole with differentiated design along with thermoformed inserts around the shin to help protect the medial and lateral malleolus from any kinds of impact.

In terms of comfort, the boots offer a well thought out waterproofing system, thanks to which you can wear then in downpours as well. The outer material is made of microfiber and high tenacity polyamide fabric, which is characterized by high comfort, while ensuring sufficient durability, especially against abrasion.

Other features include; nylon heel reinforcements, TPU Gear shifter guard, protective inserts, flexible joints for walking comfort and accordion flexibility to ride on a multi-day tour. In terms of look, you get two color options; Black/Black and Black/White.

Currently available from US 4.5 to US 9, these boots are priced just below $260.

Bottom Line

Motorcycles are a popular means of transport, especially in summers. In order to be optimally protected while riding, the right set of motorcycle gear is essential. A combination of helmet, riding jacket, protective gloves and leather boots are of utmost importance. Every rider has a different riding style, and it is generally common that what you find really odd, your fellow rider might totally love. Always choose the boot that suits your requirement and comfort.

Lastly, the beauty of the boot does play a role, but it should not be chosen over safety.

Godspeed 🙂

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