Call Of Duty Mobile Tips And Tricks (2023)

Here are some tips and tricks to help you succeed in Call of Duty Mobile's multiplayer and battle royale.

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Call of Duty Mobile provides standard multiplayer and battle royale experiences, delivering plenty of fan service with classic multiplayer maps from Call of Duty's past, and most recently, the addition of Black Ops 4's Blackout battle royale map. Matches of Call of Duty Mobile can get pretty intense in both modes, so here are some tips and tricks to help you score some wins and get rewarded.

Basic Tips

These are some basic tips that will help you find success in both multiplayer and the battle royale mode.

Choose the best controls. There are two options available under the Controls tab in the game's settings: Simple Mode and Advanced Mode. Advanced is the best and recommended option, as you have more control over aiming down sights and firing your gun. Simple Mode will just auto-fire on enemies in your crosshairs and waste more ammo.

Pair a controller. You can score wins in Call of Duty Mobile just by using your thumbs on the screen, but pairing a controller can give you even more precise aiming and movement. You can use the PS4 DualShock, PS5 DualSense, Xbox controller, or almost any other gaming controller that uses Bluetooth. Just pair your controller with your mobile device via Bluetooth, and then enable controller support in the game's settings.

Communicate. You can communicate with your team via voice chat. Communication is usually key to winning objective modes, so I recommend chatting with teammates if you feel comfortable doing so.

Use your mini-map. It's important to check your mini-map for good awareness in matches. This can let you know where your teammates are positioned, and it can help notify you when there are enemies around you.

Don't forget your pistol. Call of Duty Mobile matches are fast-paced and it's easy to run out of ammo mid-fight. When that happens, switch to your pistol or whatever secondary weapon you're carrying, because swapping weapons is going to be faster than reloading.

Aim down sights. Aiming down the sights of your gun is more accurate than hip firing. Get used to aiming down the sights, especially when you're peaking or moving around corners.

Use cover. In both multiplayer and battle royale, you want to make use of the cover around you. Use things like buildings and rocks as cover while you regain health, or use cover to leave less of your body exposed during gunfights.

Don't stand still. Call of Duty Mobile is a fast-paced shooter. Standing still just makes you an easy target, so make sure to get your kills and keep moving.

Log in daily. You earn rewards just for logging in each day. Make sure to log in and claim those rewards. This can be rewards like Weapon XP cards or weapon skins.

Join a clan and participate in Clan Wars. Joining a clan and participating in Clan Wars lets you compete with other players to win extra rewards in Call of Duty Mobile.

Complete daily missions. Daily missions are usually simple challenges like playing a match of multiplayer or battle royale. Completing these easy tasks will reward you with things like XP progression, Weapon XP cards, and more.

Multiplayer Tips

In addition to the basic tips of taking cover and using your mini-map, you'll also want to be aware of a few other things that can help you improve your gameplay and level up in Call of Duty Mobile's multiplayer mode.

Practice Mode. If you're new to Call of Duty Mobile or just having trouble with the controls, the game offers two different ways to practice. Under the multiplayer's Game Mode Selection, you can find a tab that says Practice. Here you can choose to practice your aim at a firing range, or you can play multiplayer matches against AI bots.

Play to level up. Each new level reached and every season of content brings more weapons, attachments, and scorestreaks to unlock. You'll want to keep checking your unlocks and updating your loadouts as you get better options.

Loadout swap. You can swap your loadout mid-match between deaths, so don't feel stuck with the weapon build you originally selected if the match isn't going well. Switch on the fly for whatever the situation might require.

Learn the maps. It's helpful to get familiar with each map's routes, doorways, and other areas you can get attacked from. This will help you learn how to best navigate the maps, and where you might find any snipers or campers lurking.

Don't forget your scorestreaks and operator skills. Multiplayer matches move so fast that you might get caught up with the action on the map, but don't forget to make use of your earned scorestreaks or operator skills. Keep an eye on your HUD, so you can see when you have scorestreaks or skills available to use.

Battle Royale

Pick a good class. The battle royale mode has several ability-based classes to choose from, but some aren't as useful as others. Here's our class guide to pick one of the best options for your playstyle.

Go for Hot Drops. Each match has a few named locations on the map that are marked in orange writing instead of white. These are known as "Hot Drop" locations. They might be a bit more crowded with opponents, but you'll get geared up with better loot faster. These areas will usually have better guns and armor than you'll find landing somewhere random.

Take the high ground. Holding high ground on the map and staying inside the safe zone will give you a better view and an advantage in gunfights. Just don't stand still out in the open--you still want to make good use of any cover around you.

Stick with your teammates. When you're not playing solo matches of battle royale, it's best to try and stick with your teammates. Venturing too far away means your teammates won't be close enough to back you up in a fight or revive you.

Revive your teammates. Teammates drop dog tags upon death. Picking up their dog tags lets you revive them, and unless the tags are out in the gas or surrounded by enemies, it's best to revive your friendlies for extra help to secure the win. Simply pick up the fallen teammates tags, click the revive option, and the player will return to the match on the next revive plane. Revive planes arrive periodically, and you'll here the announcer mention when the plane is arriving.

Keep ahead of the gas. Like most battle royales, it's important to keep an eye on the circle collapse, and do your best to stay ahead of the gas. You don't want to get caught up looting a building and die because you got stuck too far out in the gas. Look for nearby vehicles if you find yourself too far away from the safe zone.

If you're not sure what guns to use, check out our loadout recommendations. And here's our Gunsmith guide for everything you need to know about customizing your weapons. Season 9 also has a Zombies mode with Undead Siege, here's our tips for surviving the hordes.

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