Celebrating Call of Duty®: Mobile Season 10 — 4th Anniversary (2023)


November 8th marks a momentous occasion in the realm of mobile gaming as Call of Duty®: Mobile unveils its Season 10 — 4th Anniversary celebration. This milestone event is set against the backdrop of Memnos Island, the clandestine hub of the Atlas Corporation's global summit. As the elite convene to pay homage to Atlas, a covert mission unfolds beneath the revelry, adding layers of intrigue and excitement to this season's narrative.

The Season's Offerings

Embracing the festivity, Season 10 introduces an array of exhilarating features. The hallmark is the return of The Club, an iconic venue adorned with new spaces and engaging activities like dance-offs, minigames, and interactions with NPCs. Players immerse themselves in masquerade-themed adventures with the enticing Battle Pass, offering a wealth of Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, and COD Points.

Battle Pass Details

The 4th Anniversary Battle Pass presents both free and premium tiers, ensuring a diverse range of rewards for all participants. At Tier 14, players unlock the Gunship Scorestreak, a formidable asset designed to tackle diverse threats. Premium Pass holders gain access to exclusive Operator Skins such as Ether — Bird of Paradise, David Mason — Maestro, and more, alongside powerful Weapon Blueprints like the Bruen MK9 — Bird of Paradise, inspired by the Season 10 arsenal.

Ground War: Breach

A pivotal addition is the Ground War: Breach mode, offering an immersive 16v16 multiplayer experience. This mode introduces Memnos Island as its bespoke battleground, where teams vie for supremacy as attackers or defenders. The gameplay revolves around strategic captures and vehicular warfare, amplifying the thrill of each encounter.

Class-Based Gameplay

Season 10 introduces a nuanced approach to gameplay with the introduction of class-based progression within Ground War: Breach. Players align with distinct classes—Vanguard, Rescue, Infiltrator, or Technician—each offering unique abilities and equipment, fostering diverse tactics and strategic depth.

Immersive Single-Player Mission

Before engaging in Ground War: Breach, players embark on a compelling single-player campaign mission set on Memnos Island. This engaging solo adventure unravels a narrative involving Reaper robots under the Director's control, setting the stage for the broader 4th Anniversary storyline.

Exploring Memnos Island

The expansive new map, Memnos Island, captivates with its blend of ancient ruins and modern structures, housing Atlas Corporation's covert operations. The map invites exploration, unveiling historical landmarks like the Templar Crypt Ruins and Tholos Asteron, offering players a glimpse into the island's rich history.

Engaging with The Club

Returning with renewed vigor, The Club stands as a vibrant hub for social interactions and minigames. Activities like Kaboom, Knife Game, Darts, Boxing, and a pulsating dance floor enhance the celebratory spirit, allowing players to earn Club Tokens for exclusive rewards.

Themed Events and Challenges

Season 10 unfolds with captivating themed events tied to Ground War: Breach, enticing players with rewards like the Type 25 — Battle Grandeur and Antonov — Knight’s Standard. Additionally, new seasonal challenges and featured events offer Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Battle Pass XP, and the coveted Nail Gun weapon from Black Ops Cold War.

Store Updates and Rewards

Players can anticipate a diverse range of store updates, including the chance to acquire Legendary Operator Draws, Skins, and exclusive Season 10 content from past seasons. The Battle Pass Vault unlocks epic Operator Skins and Weapon Blueprints missed in previous seasons, allowing players to complete their collection.


Call of Duty®: Mobile Season 10 — 4th Anniversary epitomizes innovation, celebration, and immersive gameplay. With an eclectic mix of new features, engaging gameplay modes, and a captivating storyline set against Memnos Island's backdrop, this season promises an unparalleled gaming experience for enthusiasts worldwide. Embrace the festivities, explore the depths of Memnos Island, and join the celebration in this landmark season of Call of Duty®: Mobile.

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