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Who doesn’t love waking up to the mouthwatering aroma of pancakes? If you’re following a gluten-free diet, you might have thought that fluffy and delicious pancakes were off-limits. Well, fear not! In this article, we’ll dive into the world of gluten-free banana pancakes, a delightful breakfast option that will satisfy your cravings and keep you feeling energized throughout the day. So grab your spatula and let’s get cooking!

The Allure of Gluten-Free Banana Pancakes

Banana pancakes are a classic breakfast treat, and when made gluten-free, they become accessible to everyone, including those with gluten intolerance or sensitivity. These pancakes are made using ripe bananas, which not only add natural sweetness but also contribute to a soft and moist texture. By substituting traditional wheat flour with gluten-free alternatives like almond flour, rice flour, or oat flour, we can create a pancake batter that is free from gluten without compromising on taste or texture.

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Gathering the Ingredients

To make a stack of gluten-free banana pancakes, you’ll need the following ingredients:

2 ripe bananas: Look for bananas with brown speckles, as they are sweeter and easier to mash.

2 eggs: Eggs act as a binder and provide structure to the pancakes.

1/2 cup gluten-free flour: Options such as almond flour, rice flour, or oat flour work beautifully in this recipe.

1/2 tsp baking powder: This leavening agent helps the pancakes rise and become fluffy.

1/4 tsp cinnamon (optional): Adding a hint of cinnamon adds warmth and depth to the flavor profile.

Pinch of salt: Salt enhances the overall taste and balances the sweetness.

1/2 tsp vanilla extract: A touch of vanilla extract brings out the natural flavors and adds a delightful aroma.

Coconut oil or cooking spray: Greasing the pan prevents the pancakes from sticking.

Optional toppings: Fresh berries, sliced bananas, and maple syrup provide a burst of freshness and sweetness.

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The Pancake-Making Process

Mash the ripe bananas: In a mixing bowl, take those ripe bananas and mash them until smooth. You can use a fork or a potato masher to do the job. Let your inner kid out and enjoy the squishy mess!

Mix in the remaining ingredients: Add the eggs, gluten-free flour, baking powder, cinnamon (if desired), salt, and vanilla extract to the mashed bananas. Combine everything until a smooth batter is formed. The aroma of cinnamon and vanilla will make your kitchen smell like a cozy bakery.

Heat up the pan: Place a non-stick skillet or griddle over medium heat and grease it with coconut oil or cooking spray. Let it warm up and get ready to sizzle those pancakes.

Pour and flip: Scoop about 1/4 cup of the batter onto the preheated pan for each pancake. Watch as bubbles form on the surface. Once the edges look slightly cooked and bubbles have appeared, gently flip the pancake. Cook for another minute or two until it turns golden brown. The satisfaction of flipping a perfectly round pancake is unparalleled!

Repeat and stack: Repeat the process, pouring more batter onto the pan, until you’ve used up all the batter. As you cook more pancakes, the mouthwatering scent will fill the air, making it hard to resist sneaking a taste before they’re even done.

Serve and embellish: Transfer your stack of golden gluten-free banana pancakes onto a plate. Now, it’s time for the fun part—toppings! Add a handful of fresh berries, slices of ripe banana, and a generous drizzle of maple syrup. The vibrant colors and sweet flavors will make your taste buds dance with joy.

Customization Options

While these gluten-free banana pancakes are delightful on their own, feel free to get creative and customize them to suit your preferences:

Add some crunch: Stir in a handful of chopped nuts, such as walnuts or pecans, into the batter. They’ll provide a delightful crunch with each bite.

Chocolate lovers unite: Sprinkle a handful of chocolate chips into the batter. As they melt, they’ll create pockets of gooey goodness in every pancake.

Spice it up: If you love the warm and cozy flavor of spices, experiment with adding a sprinkle of nutmeg, ginger, or allspice to the batter.


Gluten-free banana pancakes offer a fantastic alternative to traditional pancakes for those following a gluten-free diet. With the perfect combination of ripe bananas, gluten-free flour, and a touch of cinnamon, these pancakes will leave you feeling satisfied and nourished. So why not treat yourself to a delightful gluten-free breakfast that’s both flavorful and friendly to your dietary needs? Whip up a batch of these fluffy delights and embark on a breakfast adventure that will make your taste buds sing. Enjoy!

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Gluten-Free Banana Pancakes Recipe - TheYumYumClub (2024)
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