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Ray-Ban is an American-founded Italian brand of luxury sunglasses and eyeglasses created in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb. The brand is known for its Wayfarer and Aviator styles of sunglasses. Ray-Ban is a subsidiary of the Italian eyewear company Luxottica. If you would like to contact Ray-Ban, there are a few different ways you can do so. You can contact them by phone, by email, or by mail. Phone: 1-866-4RAYBAN (1-866-472-9226) Email: [emailprotected] Mailing Address: Ray-Ban P.O. Box 6006 Mason, OH 45040

You must include a non-refundable $12.50 processing fee with your sunglasses and a description of the defect or damage in order to qualify for a consumer warranty and repair. We are unable to ship goods back to the United States.

Visit a Ray-Ban or Lenscrafters store in the United States, where a member of our team will gladly register your refund. When your refund is processed, you will receive an email confirmation. Within 5 business days, your refund will be visible in your account. allows you to return items only to Ray-Ban or Lenscrafters official stores. A certified store or a certified premium store cannot accept returns on an online purchase. We will not be able to accept prescription eyeglasses at the moment.

How Do I Email Ray-bans?

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To email Ray-Bans, you can use their contact form on their website.

Does Ray-ban Send Confirmation Email?

We can deliver orders as early as 12 p.m. CST on weekends and all day on weekdays. Orders placed after this time will be processed and delivered the following day. When your order arrives, you will receive an email confirmation as well as another notification. Orders for prescription drugs or custom items are not permitted.

How Do You Check If The Ray-ban Is Original?

Original Ray-Ban sunglasses may have the label “RB” or “Ray Ban” written on the left lens to help prove their authenticity. A missing etching or a low quality or painted piece of the glass will create the appearance of a genuine piece. Fake Ray-Bans should be discovered in addition to their packaging and shipment method.

How Do You Send Ray-bans To Repair?

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If you have a warranty, you can send your Ray-Bans to the company for repair or replacement. If you do not have a warranty, you can take them to a local optician to see if they can be repaired.

You have never felt sharper before in your life. Ray-Ban sunglasses guarantee a 100% satisfaction guarantee. items can only be returned if they were customized (REMIX) frames. For items purchased from an authorized Ray-Ban retailer, they must be returned to the retailer. Ray-Ban offers a 24-month warranty on their sunglasses, which you can rely on. We will go over everything that goes into our sunglasses, from the frame to the lenses to the hardware and materials. If there is a manufacturing defect, our team will resolve it for you. It is your responsibility to cover all defects that are clearly associated with wear and tear or damage that is unavoidable. Now is the time to invest in the right color. It’s time for you to take advantage of it.

The 16 Best Places To Get Your Glasses Repaired

We can repair your mailbox with one-hour service at any of our 16 locations, and we can deliver your mail on the same day. Ray-Ban eyeglasses and sunglasses are repaired in-house, so you can get them back as soon as possible. Depending on the type of repair required, you could pay between $10 and $39 to have your glasses professionally repaired, with an average cost of $10 to $39. Depending on the complexity of the problem, there may be additional delays during the repair process. If your lenses are damaged or scratched, you will pay an additional $16 to $49.

Does Ray-bans Have A Lifetime Warranty?

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Ray-Ban does not have a lifetime warranty, but they do have a two-year warranty on their sunglasses. If your sunglasses are damaged within the two-year period, Ray-Ban will repair or replace them for free.

Ray-Ban sunglasses are the ideal choice for a summer look. These tights not only provide excellent UV protection, but they are also extremely fashionable and can be worn with almost any outfit. Despite the fact that Ray-Ban sunglasses have an expiration date, there is some debate as to whether or not they should be worn. There is some evidence to support the notion that sunglasses’ UV protection may not last indefinitely. Another doctor, on the other hand, warned that prolonged exposure to UV rays from the sun could damage the coating and weaken UV protection. Ray-Ban sunglasses are a great choice if you want to stay safe for a long time.

Does Ray-ban Have A Warranty On Their Lenses?

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Ray-Ban offers a warranty on their lenses for one year from the date of purchase. This warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship and does not cover any damage that may have been caused by misuse or improper care. If you have a problem with your lenses, please contact the retailer where you purchased your glasses or Ray-Ban directly to start the warranty claim process.

If you’re going to buy sunglasses, make sure you research the brand and their warranty policies. With the exception of Ray-Ban, which provides a longer warranty period, all brands provide one-year or three-year guarantees. Lifetime warranty options are available from several manufacturers, including Oliver Peoples. Before you sign off on the warranty, make sure there are no hidden restrictions or exclusions.

How To Replace Your Ray-ban Lenses

Is it possible to replace Ray Ban lenses? You can easily swap out the lenses of your Ray-Bans for a cheap pair. To change the lenses on Ray-Bans, choose the model, size, color, and coating you want. Each pair of lenses you receive is unique to you. If you buy a pair of $75 or more glasses, you can expect to pay a reasonable amount for a replacement. If your lenses have been scratched, you can remove them by using a toothpaste trick.

Ray-ban Corporate Office Phone Number

Ray-Ban is a subsidiary of the Italian Luxottica Group. The company was founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb. The company is best known for its sunglasses. The company headquarters is located in Milan, Italy. The company has a customer service phone number of 1-866-4RAYBAN (1-866-472-9226).

Ray-ban Service Center

Ray-Ban is an American-founded Italian brand of luxury sunglasses and eyeglasses created in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb. The company is a subsidiary of the Italian Luxottica group. Ray-Ban is known for its Wayfarer and Aviator styles of sunglasses. The Ray-Ban Service Center is a state-of-the-art facility that provides expert service and repairs on all Ray-Ban products. The Service Center is staffed by a team of highly trained and experienced technicians who are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service. The Service Center is equipped with the latest tools and technology to ensure that your Ray-Ban product is repaired to the highest standards.

Ray-ban Customer Service Chat

Ray-Ban offers customer service chat in order to provide assistance and answer questions about their products. This service is available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST. In order to chat with a customer service representative, customers must first fill out a form with their name, email, and question. A customer service representative will then respond to the customer’s question via chat.

Ray-ban Customer Service Hours

Ray-Ban customer service hours are Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM EST. You can contact customer service by phone at 1-800-RAY-BAN or by email at [emailprotected].

Ray-ban Store

A ray-ban store is a place where you can purchase sunglasses and other accessories made by the well-known brand, Ray-Ban. These stores typically carry a wide selection of Ray-Ban products, so you can find the perfect pair of sunglasses or accessory to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a new pair of shades to protect your eyes from the sun, or you want to add a stylish touch to your look, a ray-ban store is a great place to shop.

Rep Call Ray Ban Customer Service

Rep call ray ban customer service is a service that helps customers with questions or problems with their ray ban products. This service is available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST.

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