Preorder Captain Price Operator in Call of Duty: Mobile - Modern Warfare III (2024)

In the realm of intense gaming experiences, Call of Duty: Mobile has carved a name for itself by continually offering players exciting content, and the upcoming Modern Warfare III release is no exception. One of the most thrilling incentives for preordering Modern Warfare III is the exclusive Captain Price Operator, also known as "Tirailleur." This article delves into the steps required to secure this elite operator skin, along with other fantastic perks that come with it.

The Legendary Captain Price

Captain John Price, a Bravo Six call sign, and a member of the Special Air Service (SAS), is a name etched in the hearts of Call of Duty enthusiasts. He specializes in close combat, sniper tactics, and clandestine tactical missions. Now, players have the golden opportunity to acquire his "Tirailleur" appearance, a unique outfit that includes a tactical gray combat uniform with striking red accents and a dark gray hat.

How to Obtain the "Tirailleur" Appearance

Securing the "Tirailleur" appearance for Captain Price is straightforward and a must-have for dedicated fans:

Step 1: Create or link your Activision account in Call of Duty: Mobile if you haven't already. Follow the detailed instructions on the official website.

Step 2: Preorder Modern Warfare III, choosing your preferred platform, be it console or PC. This can be either the Standard edition or the Weapon Crate edition, offering additional rewards.

Step 3: Once Modern Warfare III is launched, ensure that you log in before November 15th to validate your Activision ID for the "Tirailleur" appearance in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Step 4: After the steps are complete, check your Call of Duty: Mobile inbox, where the "Tirailleur" operator appearance will be automatically added to your inventory starting from November 30th. In case of any issues, contact Activision's support service after December 7th.

Additional Preorder Benefits

While the "Tirailleur" appearance for Captain Price is a standout offer for all Modern Warfare III preorders, there are even more bonuses for those preordering the digital version:

1. Early Access to the Campaign: Preordering the Standard or Weapon Crate edition grants you a one-week head start in playing the Modern Warfare III Campaign, beginning on November 2nd.

2. Enemies Unite in the Weapon Crate Edition: If you opt for the Weapon Crate edition, you'll receive four iconic operators for multiplayer: Captain Price, Ghost, Warden, and Makarov. Each operator comes with animated outfits, and they can be used upon the game's release on November 10th.

3. Two Weapon Crates: The Weapon Crate edition unlocks two incredible Destiny Weapon Crates, allowing you to customize your weapons aesthetically with universal compatibility across accessories.

4. Black Cell Season 1: Preorder and receive the Black Cell Season 1 offer for Modern Warfare III. It includes the Battle Pass, the Black Cell sector, 1100 CP, 50 Battle Pass level skip tokens, and more. A treasure trove of rewards awaits.

5. Soap Operator Pack: Instantly obtain the "Masked Soap," "Unmasked Soap," and the "Shadow Siege" weapon blueprint for the Soap Operator. This pack is usable in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone and will transfer to Modern Warfare III upon its launch.

6. Zombie Appearance for Ghost: Unlock the Zombie operator appearance for Ghost, adding a thrilling dimension to your gameplay.

7. Reaper of Souls Tracer Weapon Blueprint: This captivating weapon blueprint combines the aesthetics of Black Ether energy with a sinister black chrome look. It features tracer rounds and custom elimination effects, elevating your gameplay style.

This blueprint becomes indispensable for soul-hunting in a special in-game event during Modern Warfare Season 6: Torment. Defeat monsters and agents with the Reaper of Souls blueprint to collect bonus souls, exchangeable for event rewards.

Stay Informed

For the latest updates and insights on Modern Warfare III, stay tuned to the Call of Duty blog. Additionally, keep an eye on Sledgehammer Games' blog for more announcements and content related to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III.

In conclusion, preordering Modern Warfare III not only grants you access to the captivating "Tirailleur" appearance for Captain Price but also offers a treasure trove of additional benefits, including early campaign access and exclusive operator packs. Make sure to secure your pre-order and gear up for an epic gaming experience in the world of Call of Duty.

Preorder Captain Price Operator in Call of Duty: Mobile - Modern Warfare III (2024)
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