Unveiling Metro Exodus: A Comprehensive Guide to Locating Every Diary Entry (2023)

In the expansive realm of post-apocalyptic Russia within Metro Exodus, the narrative is intricately woven, leaving gaps intentionally filled by inconspicuous yet crucial collectibles. Among these, diaries stand out, offering insights into the world's backstory. However, their elusive nature can make them easy to overlook, especially considering the lack of visual cues distinguishing them from mere environmental elements.

The Chronicles of Moscow: Entries 1-10

  1. Torn Notebook: At the game's onset, immediately after dispatching the first mutated creature, turn to the wall behind, adorned with a desk holding the initial document.

  2. Shopping List: Upon descending into a vast hall with Anne, eliminate attackers and retrieve the shopping list from a corpse in the rear-left part of the hall.

  3. Memo: After freeing Anne and receiving equipment from Jermak, proceed outside past some soldiers to the hangar. Inside, find a green work table holding the memo.

  4. Crumpled Note: While on the heavily armored enemy train, after a sudden stop, head forward to the next carriage. Discover the crumpled note near the transition to the adjacent wagon where more adversaries await.

The Winter Expedition: Entry 11

  1. Status Report: After destroying the hostile train, explore the Aurora. In the carriage behind the radio, locate the status report amidst luggage below the steps.

Navigating the Waters of Wolga: Entries 12-25

  1. Moldy Log: Moving southwest from a large plane wreck after paddling away from the church, find a makeshift shelter beside a fallen power line. On the right mattress, uncover the document.

  2. Drenched Note: Upon finding the unconscious Anna in the toxic depot, explore the bunker. Navigate right along the water, then shoot the padlock on the gated door. In the room's rear right corner, secure the note.

  3. Weathered Note: During the main mission at the gas station, liberate it from bandits and locate this note in the front-left room on a rusty turquoise metal shelf.

  4. Thick Inventory Book: After traversing the vast terminal, pass through a narrow floor-level pipe. Instead of immediately exiting through the large red metal gate, explore the small altar and burial area on the left side to find the inventory book on a chair.

Welcoming Spring: Entry 25

  1. Nastya's Letter: After departing Wolga and conversing briefly with Anna during the train journey, exit your passenger wagon, turn right on the aisle, and enter the next room. Find Nastya's letter on the table.

Ascending Jamantau: Entries 26-31

  1. Diary, Page 1: Upon reaching the presumed government bunker, liberate yourself from the clutches of cannibals. After ascending the lift, search for Anna. Proceed straight to the bluish double door, where on a wooden desk to the left, discover the first page.

  2. Diary, Page 2: After traversing the refrigerated room, maneuver through a dark chamber between two shelves. Follow the next corridor and crawl through a niche on the ground to uncover the second page on the left.

  3. Officer's Diary 1: Defeat the heavily armored foe in the cannibal bunker, reaching the infirmary. Locate the officer's diary on the left side in the first room with the laid-out corpse.

  4. Officer's Diary 2: Immediately following the first diary, having found and freed Anna, walk slowly toward the elevator. The document lies directly left of the lift on a steel barrel.

  5. Officer's Diary 3: Upon reaching the command center with Anna, exit with Miller and Sam. Return through a corridor to the elevator. Find the third officer's diary on a large wooden crate beside a yellow pallet jack.


This guide offers a glimpse into the immersive world of Metro Exodus, aiding players in unearthing every diary entry scattered across the diverse landscapes. Stay vigilant, for these narrative snippets not only provide valuable information but also contribute to the rich tapestry of the game's storyline. Happy hunting!

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