Unveiling the Ultimate Weapon Arsenal: COD Mobile Season 10 (2023)


Embrace the adrenaline-pumping action with the latest Season 10: 4th Anniversary update in Call of Duty: Mobile. This groundbreaking release comes loaded with game-changing features, including a new weapon – the Bruen MK9, a multiplayer map named Memnos Island, a gripping Ground War mode, and an exciting seasonal event. Amidst these innovations, weapon balance changes have reshaped the COD: Mobile meta, presenting players with a challenging decision in choosing the best firearm. Fear not, as we delve into the specifics, unveiling the top guns in each of COD: Mobile's nine weapon categories.

Secondary Dominance: The MW11

When it comes to secondaries, the MW11 pistol stands tall. Previously buffed in Season 9, it retains its status as a fast-firing, high-impact sidearm. Versatile and lethal, the MW11 excels in close to medium-range encounters, making it the go-to secondary for Season 10.

Honorable Mentions: L-CAR 9, .50GS, Katana.

Shotgun Showdown: R9-0 Reigns Supreme

In the realm of shotguns, the R9-0 continues its dominance in Season 10. Combining semi-auto and pump-action capabilities, this shotgun delivers rapid-fire precision. Its versatility, high magazine capacity, and various attachments make it the unrivaled choice in the COD: Mobile Season 10 meta.

Honorable Mentions: KRM-262, BY-15, HS0405.

SMG Mastery: CBR4 Still at the Summit

Despite numerous changes over the past year, the CBR4 remains the apex submachine gun in Season 10. With its fast-firing, low-recoil attributes, the CBR4 excels in engaging opponents at medium range. For those seeking the best SMG, the CBR4 stands as the undisputed choice.

Honorable Mentions: PPSh-41, MAC-10.

AR Excellence: M13 Leads the Assault

Amidst changes in the assault rifle class, the M13 maintains its supremacy in COD: Mobile Season 10. Easy to use with a plethora of attachments, this American-made AR proves to be a jack-of-all-trades and a master of some. A reliable choice for players seeking excellence in mid-range engagements.

Honorable Mentions: FFAR 1, AK117, Peacekeeper MK2, Kilo 141, Grau 5.56.

LMG Powerhouse: Holger 26 Stands Tall

For light machine guns, the Holger 26 takes the spotlight in Season 10. Buffed in Season 9, it boasts improved damage output, effective range, and bullet spread. Sporting a massive 100-round LMG, the Holger 26 remains an absolute monster in the hands of skilled players.

Honorable Mentions: Bruen MK9, Hades, Chopper, S36.

Marksman Precision: SKS Continues Its Reign

No significant changes in the marksman class; hence, the SKS maintains its dominance in Season 10. Known for one-shot kills with headshots and two-shots to the upper body, the SKS is the go-to choice for those preferring to keep opponents at arm's length.

Honorable Mention: SVD.

Sniper Supremacy: DL Q33 Still the Top Pick

In the sniper rifle category, the DL Q33 retains its position as the sniper's sniper. Renowned for deadly accuracy and a relatively high fire rate, it continues to be a favorite across casual and professional players. Despite a nerf in Season 2, the DL Q33 remains at the pinnacle of the sniper rifle tier list.

Honorable Mentions: ZRG 20mm, XPR-50.


In conclusion, Season 10 of COD: Mobile brings forth a diverse array of weapons, each excelling in specific scenarios. Whether you prefer the close-quarters power of shotguns or the precision of sniper rifles, our detailed guide ensures you make an informed choice. Arm yourself with the best, conquer the battlefield, and enjoy the unparalleled gaming experience that Season 10 has to offer. Stay tuned for more updates on COD Mobile's dynamic gaming landscape.

For more information, strategies, and updates on Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10, stay connected with our platform. Happy gaming!

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